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The Utrecht Network’s PhD School

The Utrecht Network’s PhD School is a series of bi-annual sessions of PhD participants focused on specific themes.  Each PhD School takes place over a five-days period and is open to any PhD candidate in the social science or the humanities interested in broadening his or her outlook by engaging with peers from other disciplines and other countries studying the same issue.

Working with a recognized expert in the substantive area of any given PhD School, the backbone of the teaching team is a group of multi-disciplinary academics who guide the PhD participants through the inter-disciplinary and the methodological challenges of academic research.

The Utrecht Network’s PhD School is driven by the engagement of the PhD participants, who present the substance of their research, lead and chair meetings, and reflect on their own discipline and methodological approaches in open dialogue with other PhD candidates.

The Utrecht Network’s PhD School has global reach, is committed to recruiting a nice mix of gender, nationalities and disciplines, and seeks to deal with societal challenges in academic work through various perspectives presented in the unique themes established for a given PhD School session.